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library donateWelcome to the CHS Library Media Center! Click to donate a book to the CHS Library Media Center!

Media Center Hours:
  • Monday- Thursday 7:30a- 3:30pm
  • Friday 7:30a- 2:10pm
Media Clerk: Ashley Burton
Library Phone (818) 222-7177 ext. 243

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  • Mission Statement

    Media Center Mission: To ensure that students graduate as competent, critical, and ethical users of information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; "information literate" citizens able to determine their information needs, recognize relevant information, solve problems, and effectively communicate the results of their research.

    Equally important is our goal to instill in our students a love of reading for pleasure. The Media Center aims to provide a variety of reading material in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that will promote reading and help develop in students a lifelong love of literature.
  • Guidelines

    Can I eat in the Media Center/Library?
    Please, NO food or drinks in the Media Center. Feel free to eat, drink and then come to the Media Center.

    How do I check out a book?
    You must have your CHS picture ID card to check out materials or use the computers.

    How long do I get to keep the library books?
    Library books are checked out for three weeks and you can renew them!

    My library book(s) is past the due date?
    Keep in mind that overdue fines are .10 (cents) per item, per day. Overdue books must be returned before you can check out additional books.

    Can I come to the Media Center/Library during class?
    During class time, you MUST have a pass from your teacher or coach. There is a sign in sheet located at the circulation desk.

    Can I print my documents in the Media Center?
    Printing is .20 (cents) per page for black and white and .50 (cents) per page for color copies. A word to the wise:You are responsible for everything you print - don't print directly from the web. Copy & paste into a document, then print the document. That way, you'll know exactly how many pages you will be paying for.

    Is there a copy machine I can use?
    A copy machine is available in the Media Center and is .20(cents) per page.
  • Shmoop!

    Calabasas High - Time to get your SHMOOP on!
    Shmoop is FREE and FUN! Most textbooks and test prep are boring and expensive. Shmoop incorporates humor and current pop culture into learning!
    Check it out:
    *Over 600 online learning guides in 10 subjects
    *Online test prep (SAT, PSAT, CAHSEE, AP, ACT)
    *6000 (and counting) mobile apps and eBooks for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook,...)

    The Starter Guide to Getting Your Shmoop On:
    1. Go here: 
    Shmoop has created an account for you already!
    2. Login info: Have your CHS student ID ready? Good
    Your username = your student ID number. If your ID is less than 7 digits, start your username with zeroes (i.e. 0012345)
    Your password = chs+username (ex: chs1234567)
    3. To change your username or password, go here: 

    Voila! You know have free access to our Shmoop subscription.
    You can login anywhere you have Web access - in your PJs, on your phone, on a plane.

    Problems logging in? Contact Mrs. Lagola, LVUSD Media Specialist, at klagola@lvusd.org or 818.878.5254
  • ROP

    ROP Technician: 818-222-7177 ext. 257

    Students should visit the ROP Technician before school, during nutrition, support, or lunch.
  • College & Career Ctr.

    College and Career Center: Mrs. Lutsky - 818-222-7177 ext. 247

    Students should visit the College and Career Center before class, during nutrition, support, or lunch.  Check website for dates and times for college visits

    PSAT October 14 - 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. in the gym
    bring school ID,  #2 pencils and calculator - NO PHONES ALLOWED IN GYM

    $40. online sales Sept. 15th - Oct. 8th (credit card only)
    At the student store October 7th and 8th (cash or check)

    For more information, contact Robin Lutsky at rlutsky@lvusd.org.