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Course Overview

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to the object oriented programming paradigm using the Java language.  Concepts such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and code reusability will be covered.  Individual hands-on laboratory work will help solidify each concept taught.

Week by Week
Week 12


Review Chapters 1-10

The key topics for this lesson are:

1. Java Basics
2. Classes and Objects
3. Recursion
4. Standard Classes

MondayReview (Meet in X202)
                         1. Meet new Teacher
                         2. Read Java Basics Packet
                         3. Practice Multiple Choice problems
               Homework: Complete Multiple Choice Practice problems

Tuesday: Review (Meet in X202)
                         1. Pick up answer packet

                         2. Grade your work
                            3. Pick up Classes and Objects Packet
                            4. Read Classes and Objects Packet
                            5. Practice Multiple Choice problems
                            6. Grade Multiple Choice problems

               Homework: 1. Complete Complete MC problems & Grade
                                2. Email me (by 11.59 pm Wednesday night; Subject MC Grades)
                                         i) Java Basics MC grade
                                        ii) Classes and Objects MC grade

Thursday: Review (Meet in X202)
                            1. Pick up Standard Classes Packet
                            2. Read Standard Classes Packet
                         3. Notes on 
Standard Classes Packet
                            4. Practice Multiple Choice problems
                            5. Grade Multiple Choice problems

1. Complete MC problems and Grade
                                2. Email me (by 11.59 pm Tuesday night; Subject MC Grades)

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