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AP Capstone

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AP Capstone Information

What is it?

AP Capstone is a new program offered by the College Board (the same organization that runs the rest of the Advanced Placement Program and the SAT’s) to give students that extra set of skills top colleges and universities are looking for.  It is a prestigious program offered at only select schools nationwide; here at CHS we’re fortunate to be able to offer this to our students. Click to view the College Board brochure for more information.

What does the AP Capstone program consist of?

The AP Capstone program consists of three parts: AP Seminar, AP Research, and a collection of four additional AP classes or exams. AP Seminar focuses on college level research and presentation skills, both written and oral, both group and individual, as preparation for AP Research. In AP Research, students spend a year researching a topic of their choice in depth, culminating in a formal research paper and oral presentation/defense, similar to those they will create and present in university classes.  To obtain the AP Capstone Diploma, students must take AP Seminar and AP Research and pass the AP finals for these classes with a score of 3-5, as well as pass four other AP exams of their choice (though only one AP English course is allowed).

Do students have to take the entire course load to benefit from the program?

No. AP Seminar can be taken alone as an elective course for AP credit with an AP final score of 3-5. Students may also earn an AP Capstone Certificate by completing the two core classes (AP Seminar and AP Research) with an AP score of 3-5, even if they take no other AP classes and/or elect not to complete the AP Capstone Diploma.


There are three ways students can benefit from AP Capstone:

  1. Take AP Seminar alone as an elective course with a passing score of 3 or better on the AP finals for AP credit.
  2. Take both AP Seminar and AP Research with a passing score of 3 or better on the AP finals for an AP Capstone Certificate.
  3. Take both AP Capstone classes with a passing score of 3 or better, and pass 4 other AP courses with a 3 or better for an AP Capstone Diploma.