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Cell Phones

Electronic Communication Devices (Cell Phones, etc.)

In accordance with Education Code 48901.5, the Board recognizes that parents/guardians may wish to be in close contact with their children during the school day, and therefore, students may be provided with an electronic communication device such as a cellular telephone.  Through the use of cell phones, families can communicate better and students and staff can feel a greater sense of security while at school.  The Board also recognizes that staff members may be in possession of electronic  communication devices.  Although the Board authorizes the possession of electronic communication devices, it further recognizes that these communication devices can disrupt the instructional process.Therefore, the following procedures shall be implemented for students and staff at all school sites.
  1. Students and staff shall be permitted to be in possession of electronic communication devices (cell phones, etc.) while attending school and school-sponsored activities.
  2. Staff and students shall have electronic communication devices (cell phones, etc.) powered off at all times during classroom instruction unless permitted by the teacher for instructional purposes.  Electronic communication devices may only be used before school, during passing periods, lunch and after school, however, use of such devices shall not constitute a reason for being tardy to class.
  3. Staff members shall not make personal calls during class time or while attending school assemblies or similar activities held within the regular school day.
  4. No student shall be prohibited from possessing or using an electronic communication device that is determined by a licensed physician to be essential for the health of a student.
  5. If a student uses his or her cell phone during class hours without permission or his or her cell phone is found to be disruptive, teachers will refer said student to the administration.  The administration will then deal with disciplinary action on an individual basis.