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Code of Conduct


The administration, teachers and coaches believe that a strong co-curricular program that includes athletics and other extra-curricular activities helps to determine a positive climate for the high schools. Athletic and Co-curricular activities are a form of worthy participation and achievement that helps to establish a pattern of positive behavior and contributes to the feeling of success and a job well-done. Demonstrating a strong commitment to individual athletic teams, student body organizations and leadership positions nourishes this behavior. Student participants demonstrate this strong commitment by following all school rules and by following any additional rules established by each individual team or co-curricular activity. Student participants are expected to behave honorably on and off campus and strive to work together to maintain good order and to be proud of their affiliations as representatives of positive role models for the high school you represent. This Code of Conduct Contract governs all athletes and participants in all co-curricular activities sponsored by the high school.


As a student representative of the Las Virgenes Unified School District high schools, all athletes and co- curricular participants are expected to exhibit strong moral character and behave in a manner consistent with this code and the rules and regulations of the Las Virgenes Unified School District. These standards will be in effect before, during and after school, as well as weekends, whether on or off campus. All rules apply during the entire school year.



Athletes and co-curricular participants in violation of this code will be disciplined and are subject to one or more of the following disciplines to be administered by the school administration; coaches; co-curricular advisors or a combination thereof:




In order to be scheduled for Period 6 athletics, a player must be recommended by the coach of the team, the Director of Athletics, or the Physical Education Department Chairperson. Any player recommended and voicing consent to be placed in the athletic period also accepts without reservations, all the conditions set forth in the High School Co-Curricular Code.


A co-curricular council will review all appeals regarding violations of this code and contract by participants. Students may have the opportunity to regain eligibility by successful completion of a reinstatement program approved by the co-curricular council. Eligibility will not be granted until the program is completed and written notification has been submitted.


Because participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege extended to all and not a basic right of all students, the school has the authority to revoke this privilege. It is each athlete's/participant's obligation to become familiar with these policies, to sigh the agreement and to have one of his/her parents/guardian sign the agreement on the bottom of this page. I have read and fully understand and accept the conditions set forth in this Code of Conduct Contract.

  1. Severe or continued misbehavior Disciplinary Action 1, 2, or 3
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct Disciplinary Action 1, 2, or 3
  3. Use or possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or intoxicants Disciplinary Action 3
  4. Warning and probation
  5. Suspension from a game or activity and/or suspension from school.
  6. Recommendation for expulsion from the school district. Immediate suspension from the team or co- curricular activity for a minimum of 12 weeks. Depending on individual circumstances, participation in an approved rehabilitation program may be recommended. ASB officers will be removed from office for the remainder of the year pursuant to ASB by-laws. Students with repeat offenses will be recommended for expulsion.
  7. Eligibility ­ To be eligible, a student must have a 2.0 grade point average and no more than one fail grade in the previous report period. Eligibility is determined quarterly. Only one of the subjects can be Physical Education, and student aide class does not count. Additionally, the student must be currently enrolled and passing at least 20 semester credits of new work and have passed 20 semester credits of work the previous semester to be eligible.
  8. Probation ­ The principal may grant ineligible students a one-time probation period of one quarter. A completed eligibility waiver must be presented to the principal within five (5) days of the notice of ineligibility.
  9. Behavior ­ All athletes/participants are expected to display responsible behavior, respect the rights of others and cooperate in abiding by school policies and rules.
  10. Attendance ­ Athletes/participants will attend all classes during the school day. A truancy from any class or classes will result in suspension from the next contest and if habitual, may be cause for suspension for the season
  11. Pursuing Victory with Honor - All athletes and their parents are required to sign the Athlete's Code of Ethics. This code supports the sixteen principles that are the foundation of the Board and C.I.F. adopted Pursuing Victory with Honor program.
  12. Practice ­ An athlete/participant is expected to consult or telephone the coach/advisor if a practice or performance is to be missed. Head coaches and advisors are responsible for defining and enforcing their team's policy.
  13. On Trips ­ An athlete's/participant's appearance and conduct is expected to display pride at all times. Any misconduct may result in suspension from contests/performances. Athletes/participants must travel to and from contests in transportation provided for and arranged by the school. Exceptions are injures that would require alternate transportation or prior written permission arranged between the participant's parent/guardian and an administrator. This is to be done two days before the requested exception date.
  14. Dropping a Sport or Activity ­ No athlete/participant may quit one co-curricular activity and go out during that same season for another without the mutual consent of both coaches/advisors.