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Discipline Policy

It is in the best interested of all students to maintain a good discipline record at Calabasas High School.  Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to teachers, staff members, campus aides and each other.  Students are responsible for following the general rules of the school and the specific classroom rules established by the teachers.

Conduct that is counter-productive and disrupts the learning environment, that is unsafe to persons and property, that violates the law, school policies or commonly accepted standards, will not be allowed and the student will be subject to disciplinary action.

The following procedures and guidelines pertain to students on campus, in route to/from school, or at sanctioned school events being held on and off campus.

Students are expected to carry their student I.D. with them at all times while on campus or any CHS-sponsored event.

Students who are involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as sporting events, music and theater presentations, ASB events, club activities, etc. must be in good standing with attendance and discipline record (as determined by the Assistant Principal and/or the Eligibility List) in order to participate. Students must also be academically eligible with a 2.0 (or “C”) on a 4.0 scale and not have more than one “F” on the previous report period. Only one of the subjects can be P.E., and student aide classes do not count.

In order to attend any CHS special event, such as all dances and to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such Comedy Sportz, Lip Sync and theatrical productions, students must have “0" discipline hours and have no library fees. In addition, for students to participate in Senior Activities, such Dances/Prom, Senior Field Trips, Senior Breakfast and Graduation, students must have “0" discipline hours and no library fees.

When a student is given discipline hours, both the parent/guardian and student will be notified of:

a. the infraction
b. discipline action taken
c. date the discipline is to be served

If for some reason a student cannot make the assigned time, discipline hours may be rescheduled at the discretion of the administration. In order to do so, the student must meet with the appropriate Assistant Principal to arrange an alternative date prior to the date the original hour(s) were to have been served.

Any student owing any discipline hours will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity.

If a student fails to serve his/her assigned discipline hours, and does not reschedule the hours, he/she may be suspended from school for defiance.