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Calabasas High School

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Dress Code

If a student's general attire or appearance represents a danger to his/her health or welfare, or attracts undue attention to the extent that it becomes a disruptive factor in the school, the student will be asked to make necessary changes.  Students with repeated infractions will be subject to discipline.

Students will follow all school rules governing safety in programs that may require the wearing of protective clothing, safety glasses, proper foot protection or other requirements.

Clothing which features offensive and/or vulgar words, pictures, or drawings or phrases of a sexual nature or that have derogatory language regarding a person's ethnic background, national origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, or disability is not permitted.

Clothing which represents any group, gang, organization or philosophy, which advocates violence or disruption, is not permitted.

The wearing of clothing which is unduly revealing or attire which detracts in any way from the educational mission of the school is not permitted.  This includes and is not limited to exposing the chest, midriff, back or undergarments.