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Substance Abuse

Las Virgenes Unified School District Substance Abuse Policy

The Board of Education recognized the serious substance abuse problems, including but not limited to illegal/unhealthy drug, alcohol and tobacco use in our community and society. This is a problem that endangers all segments of our educational community, including students, parents and district personnel. The problem of substance abuse adversely affects the ability of all people to function at their highest potential physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially in both the school and community environments.

The Board of Education is responsible for strengthening existing policies and adopting new policies, regulation and procedures that assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive drug-alcohol-tobacco abuse prevention, intervention and suppression program of the highest possible quality consistent with the latest research and laws governing substance abuse programs.

LVUSD policies convey a no-use philosophy; address the risk factors identified through research; promote a student-school-community partnership; promote a safe school environment; encourage a non-punitive alternative for self-referral; promote the establishment of student assistance programs; promote a healthy exchange of information between students, parents, school personnel and other supporting agencies through the protection of confidentiality at all times; promote staff training, parent education and proper involvement of law enforcement personnel. At all times, existing school district policies, procedures, and school, civil and health codes must be upheld.


The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent or designee to take appropriate action to eliminate possession, use and sale of alcohol and other drugs and related paraphernalia on school grounds, at school events, or in any situation in which the school is responsible for the conduct and well-being of students. Students possessing, selling and/or using alcohol or other drugs or other related paraphernalia will be subject to disciplinary procedures which may result in suspension or expulsion. School authorities may search student and school properties for the possession of alcohol and other drugs as long as such searches are conducted in accordance with law, board policy and other administrative regulations.


The “Choices” program is designed to provide an alternative to expulsion. It is supportive and educational rather than strictly punitive. Students who have violated the disciplinary guidelines regarding use/possession of alcohol or illegal substances or drug paraphernalia as a first offense will have the following consequence:
Students referred to the “Choices” program who are attending the Las Virgenes Unified School District on an inter-district transfer permit will have their permit cancelled and be referred back to their school of residence.
  • A five-day suspension from school.
  • Suspension from any co-curricular/extra-curricular activities/athletics for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks. Students may return to their sport/activity providing all requirements of the “Choices” program have been completed. Any exceptions to this policy may be appealed to the Director of Secondary Education.
  • Upon recommendation of the principal, ASB officers/commissioners may be removed from office for the remainder of the school year pursuant to rules and procedures governed by ASB by-laws.
  • Mandatory participation in a 12-step (minimum of four sessions) in the “Choices” Program Student Group that will meet at least once per week and will include various assignments.
  • Mandatory participation in a 12-step (minimum of four sessions) program concurrent with the “Choices” Program Student Group meetings.
  • Mandatory participation in random “on-demand” urine analysis/alcohol testing. Students will be tested for the duration of the time they are enrolled in the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Results of the urine/analysis/alcohol test will be given to the school and to the parents.
  • If at any time after the “Voluntary Consent to Discipline” is completed a student tests positive for alcohol/illegal drugs, or avoids/tampers with the urine analysis/alcohol test, the student will receive an immediate suspension with a recommendation for expulsion.
  • Mandatory parent participation in an essential component of the “Choices” program. Parents are required to attend a minimum of five scheduled parent support meetings during their student’s enrollment in the eight-week “Choices” program.
  • Parents will also attend a minimum of one 12-step meeting to understand the 12-step process and their role within the family structure.