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Drug Test Kits

We're all aware of how the world has changed and how many challenges and temptations our children face.  Your team here at Calabasas High School cares deeply about the safety and well being of all of the students here.

For your peace of mind and the security of your children, we are now able to supply 8-Panel Urine Dip Kits that you can purchase in the CHS Health Office and use in the privacy of your own home if you fear your child may be at risk. The results are instantaneous and for your eyes-only. There is no need for an outside lab's involvement.

These tests usually cost much more elsewhere, but we are able to offer you the 8-Panel Urine Dip Kits for $10.00. Cash or checks made out to CHS are fine.

Please contact the Jennifer Fisher at 222-7177 ext. 223 in the Health Office with any questions or concerns. The Health Office is open between 7am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.